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Get More Vitamin D

Make Monday Matter

Have you noticed, depending on who you listen to it can make a huge difference on how you feel at any given moment of the day during this unusual season we are living in? If not careful, I find myself riding a roller coaster of emotions when I allow feelings to have control based on what I have heard on the daily news or social media. 

There is a cure, there is no cure, wear a mask, don’t wear a mask, keep the country closed, open the country, the government is out to get us, the government is made to protect us, get out in the sun or stay inside. 

I made the decision at the beginning of this little virus (pun intended) to not allow news media, social media or any kind of media to mediate my feelings. Some days I do better than others but when I choose to get off of the roller coaster of emotions, I do much better. 

Don’t get me wrong I love rollercoasters in real life, but I want them to stay where they belong, the theme park run by a mouse. But not only do I not like the rollercoaster run by my emotions neither does my husband who I can unwittingly take along for a bumpy ride. You see my emotions do not just affect me, they effect those around me. 

I did hear one of the new findings about COVID is that vitamin D is playing a part in the cure/prevention. I am not sure about this so do the research for yourself, but I came up with some vitamin D's for emotional support.

My 5 vitamin D’s for your health and to help you stay off of the emotional roller coaster. 

  • DWELL on the Truth of God’s word 

  • DETERMINE to speak the truth over my life - like out loud. 

  • DEVELOP your unseen life of worship - gratitude is key

  • DEAL with disappointments – there always there

  • DETERMINE to surround yourself with the right people

Today make your Monday matter as you get out and get some vitamin D and don’t forget to share it with those who you come in contact with.


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